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Shanae Johnson

Soldier's Sanctuary

In a world of duty and promises, can love be the strongest vow?

Retired JAG officer, Zander Newman finds his orderly world turned upside down when he promises his dying business partner to care for the child he never knew about. But when Zander meets the kid, he'll find that she's a full grown woman who makes his hardened heart skip beats.

Bridget Holton, raised by a single mother and battling the challenges of an autoimmune disease. When she arrives in Honor Valley seeking answers about her past, she'll find her life irrevocably intertwined with her late-father's business partner whose heated touch makes her want to grasp for a future she never imagined possible.

As Zander and Bridget enter into a marriage of convenience to fulfill Jay’s dying wish, their arrangement begins as a mere formality. But as they navigate the complexities of small-town life and the intricacies of Bridget’s illness, a deeper connection blossoms. Can Zander and Bridget overcome the ghosts of their pasts and the obstacles in their present to build a future together? Or will their relationship crumble under the weight of unspoken promises and hidden truths?

Soldier's Sanctuary is a heartwarming small town military romance that explores the power of love, growth, and healing. With the age gap, office romance, and marriage of convenience tropes at its core, this story will sweep you away and leave you rooting for Bridget and Zander's happily ever after.
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