Melissa Stevens


Time heals all wounds, or does it?
Ten years after her father convinced Bubba that Sissy Metcalf was destined for bigger things than the poor boy from the wrong side of town, she calls out of the blue. She needs help and didn’t know who else to call.
Determined to get herself out of a bad situation, Sissy broke up with the man her father picked out. When his response was to leave her bloody and broke on the floor, she knew she had to do something drastic. The only person she knows willing to stand up to her daddy is Bubba. But she hasn’t heard from him since he left for the military.
But has it been too long? What if he’s moved on and forgotten the first girl who loved him?
With her safety and possibly her life, on the line, Sissy makes the call she’s wanted to make for years. But does time really heal all wounds?
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