Melissa Stevens


He's trying to get back into his life after being gone for two years. She's trying to get ahead in life. Neither counted on falling for their wedding party partner.

Snake has spent years doing what is president needed. Including two years undercover on a mission he's only recently returned from. When one of his brother's asked him to be a groomsman at his wedding, he reluctantly agreed. only to be partnered with his brother's sister.

Jenny would do anything for her brother, even walk down the aisle with a man she's only just met. But after the ceremony, while her brother is still on his honeymoon, tragedy strikes. She's hurt. The last thing she wants is to call her brother back to town, and when his club and his brothers step forward it seems like the perfect solution.

But how will her brother feel when he returns to find out what's happened in his absence? Will he be as happy for her as she was for him?
Find out now if Snake and Jenny can overcome their differences, and the ones who think they're all wrong for each other or if they'll let their difficulties rip them apart.
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