Francis X Carmody

The Well-Dressed Neanderthal

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Talk about a cold case, try solving a thirty-thousand-year-old murder.
When Asgard sent the intractable but ill-prepared Judit Falleg to monitor potential Jotunn activity, no one expected her mission to be anything but routine. But when a technologically advanced instrument is found on the remains of a Neanderthal man murdered 30,000 years ago, Judit finds herself in a race against the malevolent Gordon Thrym to recover the artifact before Thrym’s dark forces seize the device and use it to subjugate Earth’s civilizations. Again.
If humanity is to escape the fate of our Neanderthal brothers, Judit must succeed on her first mission. Yet to defeat a being as powerful as he is empty, she’ll need help. And when she and FBI Agent Ian Magee unexpectedly cross paths, she thinks he might be the ally she needs.
But Ian is an alcoholic with troubles of his own. With the help of his partner at the FBI, his bar-owning AA sponsor, and an ethereal little girl, he’s been sober for three years. Barely.
Now, a friend is missing, his boss wants to fire him, and the nightmares come more frequently.
Wait ‘til he learns the origin of the species is not what we were led to believe.
The Well-Dressed Neanderthal is a cosmic retelling of the Cain and Abel story, blending Genesis, Norse mythology, quantum mechanics, a kidnapped ex-naval aviator, a pitcher with a ninety-four mile per hour fastball, country music, a slacker chick, and a mischievous Yorkshire Terrier into a complex stew, spiced with a forbidden attraction between a troubled FBI Agent and a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde with an earth-shattering secret.
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