Sean Murphy,Niamh O'Sullivan,Brian Kelly,H. P lovecraft,Dale Condon,Shane Hannigan

H.P Lovecraft: Collected Short Stories

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This work contains the collected short stories of H.P Lovecraft

- The Festival
- He
- Cool Air
- In the Vault
- Pickman's Model
- The Nameless City
- The Alchemist
- The Very Old Folk
- Rats in the Walls
- From Beyond
- The Hound
- The Strange High House in the Mist
- The Unnamable
- Hypnos
- The Quest of Iranon
- The Temple
- The Moon Bog
- The Evil Clergyman
- The Horror at Martin's Beach
- The Silver Key
- The Transition of Juan Romero
- The Other Gods
- The Outsider
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