Tessa Layne

A Hero's Heart

The town superstar has just met his match.
When retired army captain and Prairie's favorite son Sterling Walker returns home to join Resolution Ranch, he finds himself face-to-face with his biggest rival — Emma Sinclaire, the sole daughter of Prairie's oldest family — all grown up, gorgeous, and glaring daggers at him.
Will it be winner take all in this battle of hearts?
A rising star at Kansas City's internationally acclaimed Royal Fountain Media, Emma agrees to personally oversee the marketing and fundraising campaign for Resolution Ranch. But she never expected to come face-to-face with her high school nemesis, Sterling Walker, let alone have to work closely with him. As they face off across the boardroom, she can't deny her attraction to the smart, sexy soldier who engages her in battle at every turn.
When a moment of carelessness threatens to shut down the fundraiser before it starts, Sterling will put everything on the line to protect Emma's reputation. Will it be enough to win Emma's heart for good? Or will the fallout be the ruin of Resolution Ranch?
Contains mature themes.
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