Henry Rider Haggard

Allan Quartermain

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“I have just buried my boy, my poor handsome boy of whom I was so proud, and my heart is broken.”
In this sequel to the famous ‘King Solomon's Mines’ Allan Quatermain has just lost his son to smallpox. Having a hard time finding any value in life anymore and bored by the quiet Victorian Britain he travels back to Africa, not knowing the adventure that awaits him. Because here he meets his old companions, Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good, and they too have heard the rumours of a notorious white tribe.
Exciting and entertaining, the stories of Allan Quatermain have been told numerous times on film and television, Quatermain having been portrayed by Sean Connery, Patrick Swayze and many others.
Henry Rider Haggaard (1856-1925) was an English author of Danish decent. Following his debut non-fiction book on South Africa, he helped introduce the “Lost World” genre through his character of Allan Quatermain from the classic bestseller ‘King Solomon's Mines’. Haggaard has influenced many other Fantasy writers, among these J.R.R. Tolkien, and several of his books have been adapted to film as well as inspired the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies.
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