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Have you ever been trapped in an emotion and had difficulty getting out of that space? Or have you felt stuck in relationships because negative feelings pop up that hinders you from really enjoying them? Maybe you have led a meeting in a work setting and noticed how easily fear or anger spreads in a group when you are about to set off on a journey of change? Perhaps parenting feels overwhelming because your child often gets stuck in one emotion and you don't know how to help them? If your answer to any of these questions os yes, read on.

In this book you get to know the functions of the basic emotions and understand that you need to be in touch with all of them not to get an excess of another one. You’ll get to know Angry Andy, Procrastinating Peter, Angerless and fear filled Anne-Frid, Tired Toby, Shame¬filled Sarah, and a few more examples of leaders or clients of the author who have been stuck in an emotion and needed help to balance them. When you find a balance in your emotions you will enjoy a lot of inviting joy and creative curiosity in your everyday life.

This book also provide both a psychological and a well needed philosophical perspective on emotional health and a new way to view neuropsychiatric diagnosis and other mental health issues like, self-harm, depression or porn addiction.

The audiobook includes beautiful music every 30-40 minutes that relates to the topic at hand.
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