Edward Miller

Uncovering and Embracing SOUL POWER

Edward Miller is a charismatic visionary who has a long and highly successful career in the space of mentoring, leading and inspiring others to achieve their soul life purpose. His passion for helping people with their transformation is fueled by his altruistic nature and genuine desire to see them achieve happiness within.
In Uncovering and Embracing SOUL POWER you will learn about his journey of awakening SELF-Love and the insights he gained to eliminate suffering using a simple, transformative practice. Through his own personal stories, Miller shares that all suffering is the resistance of nonacceptance of life as it is.
And it is how we relate to life that determines the quality of our experiences. Once our tender hearts are wounded through trauma or difficulties, only SELF-Love and acceptance can heal us. Uncovering and Embracing SOUL POWER guides the reader on their own journey towards SELF-Discovery and ultimately, their own SELF-Love.
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