James Allen


Are you one of those people who are always distracted or unable to work effectively?

Or maybe, you’re the multitasking type? Do you need to get your focus into check, to make sure you are as successful as you can be?

If so, keep reading!

Today, it is easier than ever before to become distracted. We have work to do. We get emails in our pockets when we are home with family. We have access to the entirety of the internet if we don’t want to work… The end result is procrastination and a staunch lack of productivity from all involved.

As you read through this book, you will be encouraged to take control of your own attention and focus—you will be shown several simple changes that you can make to your own life that will help you to become highly focused. In particular, you will find information such as:

How important focus is in just about every aspect of your life.What you can do to recognize that focus will dictate productivity every time.How we have several different types of focus and what they do.How to begin identifying what you want and what your purpose in life is so you can begin pushing your focus harder.How to set goals and stick to them to help yourself to succeed.The importance of scheduling and fine-tuning that schedule in ways that work for you.What you can do to defeat multitasking.
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James Allen
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