Charles Breakfield,Rox Burkey

The Enigma Rising

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International Money Hunt—Vanishing Drug Lords—A Missing Heiress!
Carlos and Juan, bad boy entrepreneurs with their undercover resource-gathering company, found a way to pirate satellite communications. A useful skill when it comes to relocating wanted drug lords and their reserves under the noses of Mexican authorities and despite American agencies.
The R-Group is called in to discretely explore the situation. Major global powers turn to these technologists to dig for sensitive evidence with private contracts. Undeniably, this R-Group is the most powerful covert information brokerage firm on the planet. Even with their ability to gather, analyze, and use intelligence rapidly, sometimes it’s not enough to solve the puzzle in time.
A series of chance events places the brothers and the R-Group on an intercept course. Whether or not these two very different organizations can effectively collaborate is, at best, problematic. When Carlos and Juan find themselves lined up in the sights of the R-Group, they are forced to choose sides.
In the second book of The Enigma Series, Breakfield and Burkey provide a tale of high-stakes data brokering, while remaining an enjoyable yarn of lost and found, loving and growing, but gambling with life and death.
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