Jenn D. Young

Balance Threatened

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I am not supposed to exist—my parents murdered for their forbidden union. I’m a creature born of light and dark, of Heaven and Hell, and it's up to me to hold these fragile worlds together. And I’m back here, where I never thought I’d be, surrounded by devastatingly handsome males who’d give their lives for me. And all I want to do is go home, back to earth, but the balance has been threatened and I’m the only one who can set it right. Who’d have thought an aberration like me would be the chosen one? I must learn to control my unruly powers so we can fight our enemies and uphold the scales . . . only everything in us is trying to pull us apart. I need my mates to win this battle, and my heart wants them for completely different reasons, but will we succeed or will the balance be shattered forever?
Jenn D. Young
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