Charles Breakfield,Roxannie Burkey

The Enigma Broker

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What would you do if the global markets for commodities went into free fall and national economies started to wobble?
Many individuals and governments would panic, fearing that countries might destabilize and throw the world into chaos. But not the R-Group! Its members— technological whizzes dedicated to protecting civilization from cyber enemies— immediately start hunting for the culprit to blame for the markets’ gyrations.
Team members Jacob, Petra, Quip, EZ, and others use their special expertise to investigate the price manipulations in the commodities markets. Their goal is to identify the “dark matter organization” responsible and stop it before it’s too late.
As the team members start uncovering clues, there are kidnappings, romances, and run-ins with a sinister computer genius who keeps a samurai sword ready in his office for heated discussions.
Packed with thrills and intrigue, The Enigma Broker is a thought-provoking cautionary tale for our technology-obsessed society.
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