Charles Breakfield,Rox Burkey

The Enigma Wraith

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Darknet designer virus holds cities, power grids, banks, and NATO hostage!
R–Group’s talented Jacob, Petra, and Quip find fragments of an insidious code from different casualties. The race is on to assemble the digital pieces to identify the bad actors. Each incident shows the software virus maturing as well as offering new clues to the source.
How do you get ahead of a virus that taunts its victims as it learns?
As the deceptive code grows like a cancer, embedding itself across the cyber frontier, can a cure be developed? Or is this puzzle so dizzyingly complex that it cannot be solved by the R-Group!
Two shadowy figures, known as Callisto and Mephisto are testing their devastating Ghost Code on the digital landscape. Their identity, location, and ultimate agenda is unclear. The R-Group must find these predators.
Who’s to blame? Do we allow technology too much access to our lives? The benefits are compelling, but it exposes us to vulnerabilities with dramatic consequences.
Exploitation by greedy cyberthugs is only a click away.
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