Christian Kohlhof,Michael Portz

Chief of Anything

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Quite simply this book is the executive summary of everything that matters in leadership.
Summarised in these pages are the lives of two successful entrepreneurs – Michael Portz and Christian Kohlhof, and what’s more it’s essentially the entire curriculum of the leadership course that Portz and Kohlhof designed; ‘Chief of the Year’ at Global Remote Leadership Experts CoA Academy – The same content that thousands of leaders are using every day to sharpen their minds.
Companies can spend thousands of dollars to attend courses, events and seminars to find divine leadership inspiration. Why on earth would they do that when this book contains all the practical, yes – practical, 100% teachable leadership tools and knowledge you and your fellow executives and managers need at an absolute fraction of the price.
There's also a key difference to all those other leadership books – something very special about the way it's been written – it’s in dialogue style which has been proven to be the most successful learning format, directly from Plato in 500 BC to Harvard University today, people learn better this way using ‘platonic methodology’.
This book is a true treasure trove of leadership that reflects on past successes and failures, it also discusses how the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders are the ones with a deep understanding of who they are, how they function, and how they can use their unique traits to be a positive influence for others.
Think of it like the best leadership book of all times combining those that have been and all those training courses rolled into one!
As founders of CoA Academy and long-term members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization Portz and Kohlhof’s mantra is: “You either get the results you want, or the excuses you make”.
Chief of Anything will give you a 10-year shortcut to great leadership and help you apply the learning to your everyday situations as well as building great strategies for tomorrow.
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