David Alexander

Threatcon Delta

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TERRORISM, TREASON AND GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME EQUAL UNPARALLELED EXCITEMENT!Threatcon Delta: Assault on the Pentagon tells the story of how terrorism, treason and global organized crime converge to place the most potent symbol of American military power under the control of a determined and ruthless group of heavily armed and extremely dangerous men who can’t be stopped, yet who must be stopped.
This global superthriller is based on author David Alexander’s extensive and detailed research into the history of the Pentagon, combined with first-hand knowledge of the Pentagon's most closely held secrets by this veteran defense insider, all of which has been artfully woven into a masterpiece of high-concept suspense fiction.In fact, the combined impact of accuracy and authenticity blended with superb storytelling, may find some readers asking themselves if perhaps some parts of the story shouldn't have been made public, for fear that terrorists or global criminals might some day use it as the basis for a successful plan of attack.
Yet the assault on the Pentagon portrayed in the book is no standard terrorist martyrdom mission either. Those who’ve taken over the headquarters of the United States military have an exit strategy that has been brilliantly devised to shuttle them to safety and provide for the enjoyment of their ill-gotten profits -- a scam on a global scale that promises to net the Pentagon’s hijackers a considerable fortune.By any standard, Threatcon Delta: Assault on the Pentagon is action thriller fiction at its boldest and best. It’s one of the achievements that have earned David Alexander a secure place at the top of the list of the world’s masters of the thriller game.
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