Alexander Charalambides


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A teenage orphan runs away from her foster home in search of the one man who knows the truth about her birth and her parents.
What she discovers is a military school with a brutal training regime and a ruthless conspiracy designed to change everything. Alone and with nowhere to run, she struggles to survive, but just as the other pupils compete for the basic necessities of food and warmth, Hildi, for the first time in her life, forms a bond with others.
Hildi's life so far has been a struggle against illness and to free herself from her wheelchair. The lone bright spot is her lifelong friend. So when he mysteriously disappears, she'll do anything to find him.
When clues lead her to a mysterious military academy in the wilds of Alaska, Hildi signs up as a student to discover the truth. She finds a brutal training regime that pits classmates against one another, competing for basics like food and warmth. Behind the scenes, the pupils band together, and Hildi is surprised at the unexpected bonds she develops.
Bolstered by the confidence of her newfound friends, Hildi strives to overcome her physical weaknesses. But when she uncovers the truly sinister purpose behind their training, as well as a clue to her missing friend's whereabouts, the mysteries are no longer merely personal. With ner new friends Hildi must do everything she can
LETHAL is a fast-paced, first-person, female-led science fiction thriller filled with action, espionage, and mind-blowing technology. Set in an alternate present in the midst of an invisible war, its heroine and deep cast of found-family members touch on themes of trust, family, and genetic pre-destination.
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