Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Sins of the Blood

When she was a little girl, Cammie drove a wooden stake through her father’s heart to save her brother Ben’s life. Separated by the system, Cammie lost track of Ben.
Now Cammie works as an eradicator, a vampire slayer for a privately funded organization. But she can’t forget her brother. She leaves her job and her home to discover what happened to Ben.
Instead, she discovers what price she paid for her own survival. She learns about her family, and its legacy. She learns what it really means to have sins of the blood.
A memorable cult classic of vampirism, Sins of the Blood is the most shocking book Kristine Kathryn Rusch has ever written.

“A must read. Just don’t read it alone in a dark room.”
—Fordham University Ram
“It’s horror in the same way that Robert Bloch’s Psycho is—horror of the soul.”
“Nerve shredding….Like early Ray Bradbury, Rusch has the ability to switch on a universal dark.”
the Times of London
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