Charles Breakfield,Rox Burkey

The Enigma Ignite

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How far will world powers go for military communications supremacy?
A military leak exposes Professor Su Lin to danger. Can R-Group leaders, Jacob and Petra, secure her nanotechnology and drone research in time?
Defense contractor, Keith Avery is tasked to assemble next-generation communications to support NATO Allies.
Recommending a visionary approach, he soon draws the attention of a terrorist group with traumatic results. Extremists, directed by a competing power, captures Avery to ruthlessly extract the technical solution.
The race is on, risks are high, competitors fierce!

To prove the technology, Lin creates a riddle for the R-Group to solve. As the clock runs down, everyone realizes —no one will go home if they fail. Will the R-Group with their supercomputer be enough? Find out in Book 3 The Enigma Ignite.
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