Rachel Lawson

Who was that masked man?

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When ultra goth Junior has a bad vision of the future he tries to stop it becoming real as an average looking man in a pandemic mask the police want to find him as a witness but he does't want to come out in the open. will he be caught.
"This goth thing is not good for you!" said Lance Senior "What could my being an emo goth be a problem?" said the prince. "You look more like a vampire than your cousin the queen of vampires and she's a vampire," Lance said frowning. "I'm emo, not a vampire!" said the prince offended. "I know that!" said Lance, "Can't you dress less like Dracula?" "No this is me if you won't accept me as I am you will have to just take me as I am!" the prince said. "You can't do that!" shouted the prince in horror. "I can you have been ungothed!" said Lance smiling at his son's smart appearance. His son wore a jeans suit. his hair smoothly brushed he looked handsome and a lot like his father. But all the prince saw was his father in a bad casual suit! "I am ugly!" said the prince depressed. "No you look good!" said Senior "Why can't I use magic to change back?" said the prince running to his makeup trying to put on makeup but it disappeared. "What have you done to me?" shouted the infuriated prince. "You are not allowed to be a goth anymore!" said Lance. "Mum!" the prince said begging for help. "He's right, Junior, you can't be a goth it is not safe for you! It is depressing you!" said the mother not sure her husband was right. The prince walked to his door and slammed it in his parents' faces. "That went well!" said Senior awkwardly his wife glared at him. The Prince cried for the rest of the night.
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