Charles Breakfield,Roxanne Burkey

The Enigma Dragon

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Someone’s running illegal operations off the books, leaving no digital footprint.
The Cyber Assassin Technology Services (CATS) team, led by Julie and Juan, are hunting for the mechanics of these illegal transactions to find the specific culprits and their end game. In this tale, the CATS operatives are forced to work together in ways that will either make them stronger or tear them apart. Through several unrelated events across the globe, these operatives determine they are tracking Analog Information Mules or AIMs.
Marge and Mike, leaders of the shady global crude shipper, ePETRO, create a complex choreographed relationship for their two controversial clients. How does their loyal lieutenant, Steven Christopher, help them achieve their goals? Julie goes undercover to prove how ePETRO is adding to their bottom line.
Can ePETRO continue shipping their prized cargos to distasteful clients without being caught? Could the Islamic freedom fighters be the ones to obtain the uranium by shipping illegal oil? How many of the CATS operatives will be eliminated before stopping the AIMs information gathering, which might trap the world in war? Can CATS teams find and stop the evil conspirators?
In The Enigma Dragon, book 9 within the award winning The Enigma Series, authors Breakfield and Burkey take you on a techno thriller ride of analog versus the digital communication that spills across the Darknet of today’s world. The tale explores the possible being probable and asks how far can humans stray today without their digital baggage?
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