Hannah Hendy

An Unfortunate Christmas Murder

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In the small town of Dewstow, 'tis the season for gold, frankincense, and murder...

It’s Margery’s first year as kitchen manager for Summerview school and supported by her wife, Clementine, she is trying to stay focused.

When a tragic accident claims the life of the music teacher during rehearsals for the Christmas concert planning, they are caught in the crossfire. Mrs Smith, the Head of Drama, becomes the prime suspect, and is desperate for the Dinner Lady Detectives to clear her name.

Mrs Smith is convinced that it’s sabotage by her rival from Ittonvale Secondary, but there’s evidence that points to her own misdeeds. Can Margery and Clementine trust their friend? And when things start to heat up in the kitchen, will they make it out in time?

A charming and festive British village mystery, perfect for fans of Robert Thorogood and Fiona Leitch.

In the peaceful town of Dewstow, dinner ladies Margery and Clementine's calm existence takes a chilling turn when they discover their kitchen manager dead in the school's walk-in freezer.

The police deem it a tragic accident, but the duo smells something rotten. Diving headlong into an investigation of their own, they must navigate the secrets and dangers lurking beneath the surface of their quiet community.

Eccentric and undeterred by danger, these two unlikely detectives refuse to let the case go cold. \"The Dinner Lady Detectives\" series by Hannah Hendy is a delightful and suspenseful mystery series that will thrill fans of Richard Osman and Anthony Horowitz.

Hannah Hendy lives in a small town in South Wales with her long-suffering wife and two spoilt cats. A professional chef by trade, she started writing to fill the time between shifts.
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