Cynthia Mendoza

Shifter Romance: BILLIONAIRE SEDUCTION - The Elephant Shifter Prince Book 1

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Part 1 of An Exhilarating 2 Part Elephant Shifter Romance Series 

WARNING: The content inside is very explicit, and may result in unnatural levels of arousal - 18+ Audiences ONLY

When Kelly takes the most romantic vacation of her life with her boyfriend to Thailand, it seems like a dream come true. That is, it was a dream until the constant bickering with her boyfriend leaves her frustrated, miserable, and ready to go home. Fed up with the vacation as a whole, Kelly tries to make the best of things by hoping at least some good would come out the miserable experience.

Unfortunately for Kelly, one thing leads to another and a freak accident leaves her stranded in the Thai jungle, lonely, soaked, and full of regret. It isn't until she runs into a mysterious man that things begin to turn around. He leads her deep into the trees....revealing a hidden kingdom and the gorgeous prince that rules it. Not only that, but the prince has something unique about him...a secret even more mysterious.

Make sure to read PART TWO to keep the action going!

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