Charles Breakfield,Rox Burkey

The Enigma Always

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The race is on to finish decoding the secret to a longer human life.
Xavier Pekoni, a rich evil scientist, is working on his Fountain of Youth project. Using a supercomputer to unravel the last DNA mapping needed, he is desperately close to extending life ten-fold. This has driven him to extreme research methods on humans.
The R-Group is called in by government agencies to locate Pekoni, verify his unethical practices, and stop him at all costs but two key members of the team have lost their way emotionally and are missing.
Jacob, distancing himself from the R-Group due to personal demons, becomes unwittingly entangled with Zara, the villainous femme fatale leader of the Dteam, Darknet hackers.
Will he inadvertently provide the missing code sequence to steal personal data from health records all over the world that are needed to drive Pekoni’s scheme?
Pekoni’s henchmen grab the key person in this drama needed for her part of the illegal research. Can the R-Group penetrate Pekoni's laboratory and rescue her? What happens if they fail?
Missing their two top people, the feisty EZ and Quip, along with ICABOD, face off against an evil force seeking to harness additional technology to achieve Pekoni's agenda.
Award-winning authors Breakfield and Burkey take readers on an accelerated adventure with old and new characters to tell the tale of human DNA changes gone wrong.
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