Alicia Rades


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The vampires aren’t the only ones out for blood.
I’m not just a vampire slayer. I’m a witch-shifter hybrid with a vengeance, and I’m crazy enough to crash the most feared vampire nest on my own to save my sister.
But the vamps are already a step ahead of me. When they capture me, I’m forced to fight another shifter to the death for their sick entertainment.
No one holds me prisoner and gets away with it. I’ll do whatever it takes to free my sister and kill the vampires… even if it means losing everything I hold dear.
New narration updated April, 2023.
Now a complete audiobook series! The Vengeance and Vampires saga continues in book three of this dark, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure. Stand with witches and shifters in their fight against vampires and order today!
Vengeance and Vampires series reading order:
Book 1: Ravenite
Book 2: Resilience
Book 3: Resolute
Book 4: Retribute
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