Pat Perry

Re-Shape Re-Define Re-Imagine

Now includes 14 additional short stories!
Re-Shape Re-Define Re-Imagine is a combination of common sense and creative thinking to encourage and enable listeners to challenge the status quo in their careers and life outside of work. In this expanded 2nd edition, there are 75 short stories and ideas that can be referred to at any time, making this a quick listen and a handy reference guide for individuals, corporate leaders, management teams and those focused on becoming more successful. The chapters are brief and intended to inspire listeners to think about how the stories and ideas can be applied to personal and professional life.
This audiobook is focused on challenging the status quo. Much of what we do in business today is what we did in business decades ago. We've just changed a few names and created more dysfunction with technological advances in how we communicate with each other. If we keep this up, the status quo is going to look like … well … the status quo. It is so easy not to change and not to challenge. The safe approach seems like the smart approach especially when there are bills to pay. Yet how we manage business and strive for personal success is falling far short of where we could be in our companies and in our daily lives.
We all have the opportunity to be so much more than we are today in our personal and work lives. If you make incremental positive changes, magic will happen over time.
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