Michael S Evans

The Year of Fifteen Summers

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Four dark, twisted and humorous tales from the world of the Nine Fold Gate

The Year of Fifteen Summers:
In Bassanai the ending of a year is not dictated by the number of days, or months, or moons that have crossed the sky. A year can only end when the prophecies ascribed to it in the Great Book of the Year have been fulfilled. On this particular year, one prophecy still remains. And so the year lingers...

The Nine Princes of Ophir:
Hamma, King of Ophir and his Queen, Jusilla, are old and childless. With no heir, and the rival kingdom of Channa watching enviously from across a narrow strait, the future of Ophir is looking precarious. But, when Hamma unwittingly offends one of the great gods, events take a decidedly complicated turn.

How Bera reclaimed Her Gift:
Bera, Goddess of the Wild, once gifted part of her own Green Heart to the kingdom of Avalor, allowing them to build their city within her realm. But the gods can be fickle, and when the King of Avalor, in a fit of jealous pique, decides to take more land than the goddess granted, Bera takes matters into her own hands.

The Corpse Lay Deader:
Asquith, member of the famous Guild of Tomb Hunters, discovers the ancient key to a long lost tomb. Tempted by the words written on the key...Find me, Choose your reward...Asquith enters the tomb. But what he finds inside is more than he could ever have imagined.

Stories From the Nine Fold Gate is a series of short, dark fantasy tales set in the world of Ty-Gate, the world of The Nine Fold Gate, as seen in the fantasy book series of the same name. You can read more about Ty-Gate in The Scattered King, The Pursuit of Wolves and The Eye of Chaos.
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