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Martin Grossman

Totems of Seldovia

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One dark night on a windswept Alaska beach, The Teller of Tales tells a story never heard before. An aura of mystery surrounds the tale and draws you in like a warm fire on a cold winter's night. He challenges only those who believe his story to face the hazards of the trail and to go on the adventure of a lifetime.¶¶Three children answer his call and try to unravel the clues that surround The Mystery of the Totems of Seldovia. As the story unwinds you will find yourself hiding from a hungry bear, traveling along a dusty road where Dust Devils rise to meet you, or looking for clues in the old cemetery while two ominous ravens stare at you like you're their next meal.¶¶Totems of Seldovia will take you on a roller coaster adventure in the age of innocence and a search for treasure beyond your wildest dreams—so come along with our young explorers in a search for the secrets of the Totems of Seldovia.
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