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Learn German

Learning German Made Easy…

Anyone looking to break the monolingual mold which so many native English speakers find themselves enclosed in will invariably find this book to be helpful.

Here, we have a plethora of tips and techniques for learning German, as well as virtually any other language the reader can think of. If you are in search for a book on the subject of German learning, this would be the first for you to consider.

Some of the numerous topics covered in this book are as follows:

— What it means to learn Standard German
— High German and Low German
— Finding your passion for learning German
— Turning a chore into inspiration
— Learning German by immersing yourself deeply within German culture
— Finding native speakers to improve your overall understanding of the language      and its culture
— How to beat the most difficult part of learning the German language
— Learning German in a more formal class environment
— And Much More…

This is just a general outline though, this book more specifically covers study techniques applicable to any field, the culture of Germany as well as the rest of German speaking Europe, some of the history of the language and its various dialects, steps for beginning the study of the language, and learning German inside (and outside) of formal class settings.

All these topics covered should coalesce into something of value to the reader which can be carried over and utilized by him or her in the future.

The overarching purpose of this book is not to teach German, as that would be impossible within the pages here, but more so to give the reader some tools for independent study in the future and help him or her to become a great solver of the problems which come with learning a new language.

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