One Nights,One Thousand

The Arabian Nights: Their Best-Known Tales

Medieval feats of courage, bravery, and heroism from Persia, India, Egypt, and Mesopotamia fill these magical tales of “The Arabian Nights: Their Best-Known Tales.” From the windswept sands of Baghdad's deserts, through the tempestuous sea voyages of Sinbad, to the gold-packed wondrous cave of Ali Baba, these amazing stories come to live for children and reluctant readers.
This compilation includes:
— The Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, and the Golden Water
— The Story of the Fisherman and the Genie
— The History of the Young King of the Black Isles
— The Story of the Gulnare of the Sea
— The Story of Aladdin; or the Wonderful Lamp
— The Story of Prince Agib
— The Story of the City of Brass
— The Story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
— The History of Codadad and His Bothers
— The Story of Sinbad the Voyager

Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856–1923) was an American author, educator, and musician. She is most famous for the children’s book “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” (1903), and in 1878, she founded San Fransisco’s first free kindergarten. She wrote and edited many children’s books with the help of her sister Nora Archibald Smith.

Nora Archibald Smith (1859–1934) was an American author. She wrote children’s literature, most notably “Boys and Girls of Bookland” (1923). She wrote and edited many children’s books with her sister Kate Douglas Wiggin.
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