Shari Low

The Last Day of Winter

One December wedding. One runaway bride. One winter's day to bring everyone together again.
Today is the day Caro and Cammy are due to walk up the aisle. But Caro's too caught up in the trauma of her past to contemplate their happy ever after.
Stacey's decision to return from L.A. is fuelled by one thing — telling Cammy how she feels, before it's too late.
Wedding planner, Josie, needs to sort the whole mess out, but she's just been dealt some devastating news. Can she get through the day without spilling her secret?
On a chilly winter's day, they have twenty-four hours to prove that love can lead the way to a brighter future…
Perfect for fans of Isabelle Broom, Sarah Morgan and Amanda Prowse.
302 printed pages
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    They’d do anything for exposure, whether it was immoral, illegal or just plain embarrassing. To them, all that mattered was the attention, the profile, the controversy. Their egos fed off it, and it became like the oxygen they needed to survive. The sad thing was, that in this time of inane worship for the zero-talented, there were people who got the reality shows, the fame and the adulation they craved.

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