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Mike Bartlett


A razor-sharp, acid-tongued new play by Mike Bartlett, one of the UK's most exciting and inventive young writers.
Two jobs. Three candidates. This would be a really bad time to have a stain on your shirt…
Bull opened at Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield, in February 2013 in a Sheffield Theatres Production, directed by Clare Lizzimore.
'Sinewy, stinging, witty… it's as if Bartlett has taken the nastiest needling from a Mamet or a Pinter play and put them into a space of pure verbal aggression' The Times
'A writer with a startling breadth of ambition coupled with an ear for dialogue unmatched by many of his contemporaries… Bull taps into something incredibly relevant and potent' Exeunt Magazine
32 printed pages
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  • jenniferlerhmanshared an impression7 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • b2032408310has quoted4 years ago
    expect that’s what she’ll think.

    It’s tough isn’t it, life.

    Is it a lot more difficult than you imagined it would be?

    I mean I’m sure you thought it was difficult but that through sheer hard work, and practice and training and long hours and inspiration and in your case perspiration you would come through and in the end, succeed, because you thought that despite everything, it was, in this country at least, a meritocracy and that fair play and honest, transparent behaviour at work would be rewarded in the end. That bad people like me would fall at the wayside and good people like you would triumph.

    That’s what you thought isn’t it?

  • b2032408310has quoted4 years ago
    when she hears that you’re out of work her low estimation of you will drop even further it will I promise she won’t be surprised that’s the really tragic thing for you, she won’t be like oh my God you lost your job! Oh my God! She’ll be like, yeah of course he lost his job fucking retard good thing I got out while I could, better not let him see Harry too much don’t want Harry to grow up in the distorted disabled image of his fucking drip drip of a father.
  • b2032408310has quoted4 years ago
    them what’s happened and they’ll be a bit sympathetic but again they won’t be surprised and really they’ll feel annoyed that now this is on their plate as well, our idiot son who can’t keep his job, my best mate, who I made friends with at school –

    Woah woah, that was lashing out. Hey you nearly hit me physically physical violence against a woman, lucky I do my self-defence classes, you could’ve hurt me if I wasn’t lithe and brilliant.

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