Robert McNeil

The DCI Fleming Cases Books One to Four

Four compelling police procedurals in one volume. In England’s Thames Valley, a detective takes on murder, corruption, and department politics . . .
This new collection includes the first four novels featuring DCI Fleming of the Major Crime Unit:
The Fifth Suspect
A body is found on a boat on the Thames—and newly promoted DCI Alex Fleming, a man with a troubled past, is keen to prove his worth with his first murder case. But when a belligerent colleague and internal politics come into play, Fleming is up against both a difficult case and his own coworkers.
The Last Man
The assistant chief constable wants DCI Fleming to review a cold case. Fleming soon learns that MI5 have an interest in the case, and that there is a clear suspect. But as the body count rises and he uncovers an extramarital affair, Fleming suspects the answers may lie elsewhere . . .
A Fatal Move
The village of Darmont is in an uproar—but the angry demonstrations are not the only thing disturbing the peace. The assistant to a millionaire property developer has been murdered, and an investor’s son is kidnapped. Has a protester taken things too far—or is something more complex going on among the rich and powerful?
No Hiding Place
When Oliver Upton is shot dead, DCI Fleming and his team look for details about the man’s life. All they know is that he showed up in Oxford and started working as a taxi driver. How do you investigate a murder when the victim seems to have no past?
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