Ellen G.White

The Conflict of the Ages Story, Vol. I. – Patriarchs and Prophets

This book treats upon the themes of Bible history—themes not in themselves new, but so presented here as to give them a new significance. Beginning with the rebellion in heaven, the author shows why sin was permitted, why Satan was not destroyed, and why man was tested; gives a thrilling description of man's temptation and fall, and rehearses the plan of salvation. The life of each of the Patriarchs from Adam to King David is carefully scanned, and from each a lesson is drawn. The deliverance of Israel from Egypt, the incidents of their forty years' wanderings, the building of the Sanctuary, the entrance into Canaan, the subjection of the land, and the continued history of the Israelite nation down to the close of David's reign are all related in an interesting, narrative style that charms the reader and opens up to him new beauties in the Scriptural record.
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