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Time Master

Spending time in the correct ways is a kind of esthetics in which you can even anticipate  your future at the beginning because it may implicate your engrossed level of the work and your endeavor afterwards. While you engage in something with passion, the results will be given you something unexpected, far more than you want. Yet, it is not a passage about how can you get the passion and being enthusiastic in your work but about how to gain much more time in order to be effective and efficient in your job.

Introduction—why you have to gain much time?

Time is very precious for living because it represents your production of successes—more successes, higher quality of life. The quality of life also represents your basic happiness. It is a very interesting further question for why I have to be happy. In fact, there are so much reasons why you must gain much time when everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but I just list out 6 of them in order to give you some hints because life should be various and the varieties should have discovered by yourself( everyone is different).
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