Erich Fromm

You Shall Be As Gods

  • Anna Petrescuhas quoted5 years ago
    But the x, the goal, was soon converted into an absolute; a system was built around it; the blank spaces were filled with many fictitious assumptions, until what is common in the vision almost disappeared under the weight of the fictitious “additions” produced by each system.
  • Anna Petrescuhas quoted5 years ago
    Frequently the awareness of the qualitative difference between the “fragments” and “the additions” is missing because of the intensity of the wish for certainty
  • Anna Petrescuhas quoted5 years ago
    What is common is the idea that neither nature nor artifacts constitute the ultimate reality or the highest value, but that there is only the ONE who represents the supreme value and the supreme goal for man: the goal of finding union with the world through full development of his specifically human capacities of love and reason.
  • Anna Petrescuhas quoted5 years ago
    there is permanence and change in any concept reflecting the experience of a living man.
  • Святослав Лобачевhas quoted6 years ago
    I do not share their thought concept; I believe that the concept “God” was conditioned by the presence of a sociopolitical structure in which tribal chiefs or kings have supreme power.
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