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Pick Your Poison…No More


Did you read the sign? Yes, you’ve read that correctly…from this point forward and onward…your alcohol and drug (as well as other addictions you may have) should be left out behind the door — and will eventually become memories of the past.

Let’s cut straight to the chase, you’re reading this because you are suffering from some kind of addicted vice (whether they’re substance abuse, alcoholism, sex, porno, gaming, social media, laziness, procrastination, overeating, etc.) and are struggling to recover from it. As a result, it is hampering your life or hurting your relationships with friends, families, and loved ones.

Addiction is a serious problem. There are many people who battle with it every day. Some never recover, but sadly, most never receive the help needed because they don’t admit that they have a problem in the first place.

Since you are here, you’ve managed to overcome that first step in recognizing that you do, in fact, have an addiction problem but more importantly have a willingness and desire to change your old ways. Now you just need to start taking the necessary actions to beat it yourself.

What about going to rehab or attending support group? Those are fine options and shouldn’t be discounted; however, if you are embarrassed or ashamed to deal with your addictions openly to others or simply want to overcome them in the comfort and safety of your own home — now you can fight back privately and personally with this self-help guide “Pick Your Poison…No More.”

What types of antidotes will you receive?

— An Anti-Addiction Action Plan to Revamp Life without Addiction

— A Demonization Visualization to Resist Constant Tempting Urges

— A Two-Sided Scale Method to Sustain the Long-Term Progression

— A Rediscovery Process to Find and Establish Healthy Alternatives

— A Series of Exercises to Eliminate the Old Addictive Dependencies

…and more available for your poisons.

Please note, this is not anything like a 12-step program but a quick alternative guide approach of practical hands-on techniques that can work in conjunction with the 12-step program or if you don’t have the time nor the desire to go through all those traditional 12 steps for a much faster-expedited process towards getting clean.

Are you ready to set your course towards the road to recovery? Are you ready to give up on your poison? Then proceed now with abandoning your poison today. Forget and forgo your poison. Say goodbye to it forever. Pick your poison…no more!
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