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Lovillia Hearst

Letting The Victorian Doctor Inspect My Virginity

Fear of pregnancy leads Anne to a back street doctor, and as embarrassed as she is, she becomes even more so when she sees the doctor isn’t much older than her, and attractive to boot.

Red faced and nervous, she confesses her situation to him, and soon her legs are strapped into an inspection chair.

To her shock, her body betrays her true emotions… and the doctor takes full advantage.
19 printed pages
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  • b1595007739shared an impressionlast year
    👎Give This a Miss

    It is only one chapter

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  • Natalia Randolphshared an impression4 months ago
    👍Worth reading


  • unodacolehas quoted3 months ago
    fleeing the place.
  • b3056446581has quoted2 years ago
    Anne tensed when his fingers found her wet opening, but she pushed towards them and let out a loud groan as they slipped inside. Her body tensed as the stiff penetration slid deeper and there was no missing the effect it was having on the doctor. He sucked on her nipples with a stronger lust as he began to stroke touches in and out of her wet cunt and there was no stopping his onslaught.
  • exo loverhas quoted2 years ago
    let her words sink in before going on. “We don’t

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