Jeremy Dickson

Dust Land #1:We Shall Return

To Dust We Shall Return
In the near post apocalyptic future, the balance of nature tips the wrong way. No one thinks about how much we depend on being able to grow food for ourselves. Until we can't anymore. A disease has infected every growing plant on Earth. Fruits trees and vegetables alike are dying in every corner of the globe. The few plants that survive have proven poisonous. As the plants we depend on die, they are also killing off all animal life.

Before we can come to terms with what is happening, the world's population dies off from six billion to just over one million, give or take. No one knows for sure because people don't seek each other out. Most people hide and scrounge for the necessities of life. The people who still gather together in groups are either gangs, or cannibals searching for other people to feed their bellies.

Allison Mason walks the streets of what was once New York City. On the run from the Nibblers--the Cannibals--and trying to survive one more day, she stumbles on a secret that might save humanity.

Or usher in its final days.

Check out the other parts of this explosive series ---Dust Land #2: Rising From The Ashes and Dust Land #3: The Way We Were.
39 printed pages
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Davlan Press
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