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Morgan Rice

Arena One: Slaverunners (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy)

  • Kayla Campshas quotedlast year
    urges me to keep climbing. The more time I spend alone these days, the stronger Dads voice is becoming in my head. I resent it and want to block it out, but somehow, I cant
  • Kayla Campshas quotedlast year
    If Bree would just flip back the calendar, shed see it right there, the old year, in big, tacky letters: 2117. Obviously, three years old. I tell myself shes just too caught up in her excitement to check closely. This is what I hope. But lately, a part of me is beginning to suspect that she really knows, that shes just chosen to lose herself in fantasy. I cant blame her
  • Kayla Campshas quotedlast year
    What Bree refuses to see is that winter comes early up here. Were high up in the Catskills, and here, theres a different sense of time, a different turn to the seasons
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