Andrew Vass

Beat Depression with Self-Help Techniques

Facing difficult situations is part of our everyday lives, but we can easily feel overwhelmed and become drawn into a depressive state. However, this book illustrates that, by using a range of self-counselling techniques to explore our inner world of thoughts and feelings, it is possible to overcome our problems and move on.
Through a logical sequence of chapters, each containing a series of tasks, role-playing examples, illuminative illustrations, challenging questions and useful self-help exercises, the reader will gain a practical understanding of the different counselling techniques and the power and effectiveness of cognitive and rational emotive behavioural therapies.
Tackling a wide range of issues, including relationship problems, bringing up children, bullying, work pressures, stress, anger, grief, morale and assertiveness, this down-to-earth guide to dealing with depression represents an essential DIY kit for achieving a more positive and healthy outlook on life.
166 printed pages
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    Я раджу


  • b3822779294has quoted2 years ago
    the only thing bad about death is what comes before it - fear’
  • vitahrytsaihas quoted10 months ago
    Executives in business companies are reportedly suffering from anxiety or burn out.
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    There are some approaches to self-help, which are undoubtedly approved of by the scientists who investigate the empirical evidence of therapeutic outcomes.

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