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Minimalism Collection

The ultimate minimalism and decluttering collection. Master the tips and strategies taught in this book collection and you shall live a life of happiness and free of clutter with your friends and family!

This Minimalism and Decluttering collection includes Minimalism for Beginners, Minimalism for Families and Decluttering.

In “Minimalism For Beginners”, you will discover:

•    The one thing that could ruin your journey to Minimalism
•    The Advantages of Using Minimalism in Your Life
•    How to Maintain a Minimalist Home
•    Minimalism and Your Health
•    The Secret to applying Minimalism without losing your friends 
•    Money management tips for a successful Minimalist lifestyle
•    Starting with Your Own Stuff
•    Tips to Help You Implement Minimalism Into Your Daily Life for the Long Term
•    The only thing you need to do daily for your Minimalism lifestyle to be a success long term!

In “Minimalism For Families”, you will discover:

•    Secret tips and tricks to make the whole family involved without them noticing
•    How to Deal with Problems When Everyone in the Family Isn’t On Board
•    The one thing you need to get right for your kids to love their new Minimalism lifestyle (Do this wrong and they will hate you!)
•    Tips for Home Decoration On the Minimalist Lifestyle
•    Make or break Minimalist budget tips that will guarantee your success as a Minimalist household! 
•    Ways to Sustain and Maintain Your Minimalist Lifestyle
•    Christmas Presents ideas for the Minimalist kids that are sure to win their heart!

In “Decluttering”, you will discover:

•    The one thing that could ruined your journey to Decluttering
•     Deciding That It Is Time to Declutter and Getting Everyone On Board
•     Your Ultimate 7 Day Decluttering Plan
•    Discover The Most important room to declutter (Hint: It’s not the one you think!)
•     Working On One Closet At a Time
•     Special Considerations for the Kids’ Bedrooms and Toy Rooms
•    The one thing you should not forget on your decluttering journey!

Edward Norton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Meg Ryan are just a few on the celebrities who have publicly announced their love for the minimalism lifestyle and décor. After a census it was discovered that the average household has around 300,000 items and that only a quarter of it is useful or even needed. That makes it hard to find the things you actually need when you need it.

In fact research has shown that the average person spends 12 days per year looking for things they can’t find around their own house. Even if you tried other Minimalism books before and failed, you will succeed with this collection because of its long term focus. So if you want to live a life of happiness and free of stress and clutter with your friends and family click “add to cart” and start your Minimalism journey today!
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