David Kight,Paul Kight

Red Alert

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Stuart Preston Digit III's world was about to topple over. He had been kidnapped, drugged, shoved around, kicked, held at gunpoint, and dragged around D.C., with multiple psychos doing their best to get their hands on him and the information he had hidden in a locker in Union Station. How did a lowly intern for the senate majority leader in the most liberal government ever elected wind up in the middle of political intrigue?
Fortunately, Stu was not alone. The moment he disappeared, thirty year veteran of international espionage Marion Morrison, leader of the clandestine Liberty League, and his top operatives  snapped into action to rescue him. It would require skill, determination, and courage, as well as the one thing no intern ever figures he would need: air support!
But finding Stu was not going to be easy and the longer they hovered inside the Air Defense Identification Zone, the more likely their flight would end with a Sidewinder missile blowing them out of the sky.
Will they be able to reach Stu in time to prevent a Constitutional crisis?

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