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Trinity Royal

Christ & Demons

«The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the Devil’s work.” -Ephesians 6:12

Is there an UNSEEN world of Darkness hidden in front of our eyes?

Ever wonder why Evil exists on Earth?

Ever wonder how Satan got to planet Earth and what exactly is the Dark Empire Agenda?

Ever wonder why Christ chose planet Earth for His great Bestowal?

Trinity sheds light on the Darkness by exploring the following:

Was there a War in Heaven and How did this War get to Planet Earth?

Who is Lucifer? What happened in the Heavenly realms, why did 1/3 of Angels fall to Earth?

What is the agenda of Darkness?

Why do God and Christ let dark forces flourish on Earth? Does God have a plan? What is it?

What are the differences between Demons, Evil Spirits, and Ghosts?

Why does saying in Christ all demons disappear, does not work? What tools do you need to fight the devil?

How does Selling one's Soul to the devil happen? How can you recognize those persons?

What is expected during Christ's Second Coming Event?

It is time to look beyond the seen into the UNSEEN REALMS of DARKNESS, are you ready?
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