David Drake,John Brunner,andrew j. offutt


The mercenary Stepsons leave Sanctuary behind in this tenth volume of the shared-world fantasy anthology series.
As Tempus and his mercenary army, the Stepsons, depart from war-torn Sanctuary, there are some who view it as a return to normal. Yet what is normal in this city of thieves and adventurers?
Laborers arrive to help in the rebuilding efforts, but some of these able-bodied men are disappearing. An assassin seeks revenge for his brother, and others aim to instill peace in the community while vicious rivalries emerge from Sanctuary’s rubble. And a struggle for power seems to be brewing . . .
If this is your kind of “normal,” then enter an action-packed world of sword and sorcery in this shared-world anthology featuring stories by some of fantasy’s best authors: Robert Lynn Asprin, Mark C. Perry, Janet Morris, David Drake, John Brunner, Lynn Abbey, and Andrew Offutt.
361 printed pages
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