Stefan Zugor

100 Things To Do In A Lucid Dream

*From the creator of & the YouTube channel 'Lucid Dreaming Experience', with 141K subscribers — Revised Edition 2021–2022*

100 Things To Do In Your Dreams is your ultimate lucid dreaming book for exploring inspiring things that you can try in your next lucid dream.

Get ready for:

MASSIVE DREAM INSPIRATION: This book contains over 100 unique inspiring things to try in your next lucid dream, most of which you’ll have never even though about.

NO MORE BORING DREAMS: Don’t waste your lucid dreams by just flying or having sex, there are so many incredible, interesting and exciting (sometimes scary) experiences to have that will lead you wanting more

OPEN YOUR MIND: Lots of the ideas I share here will literally change your life and open your eyes (pun intended) to the limitless potential of lucid dreaming to create real change in your mind

UNIQUE IMPOSSIBLE EXPERIENCES: Lots of these things you’ll have never thought about and the experience you’ll get is priceless. It’s like being able to choose a beautiful fantasy and then just enter in to it

100 Things To Do In Your Dreams was created partly because I felt like there just weren’t enough inspiring ideas for people to try in their lucid dreams. People would often mention the common ones like flying or having sex but after a while they get boring.
I’m a long time lucid dreamer (10 years plus) and wanted to share some of my insights and ideas I’v collected over the years, so that you can get a huge source of inspiration for what to do in your lucid dreams and how to do it.
This book contains well over 100 unique, mind opening, useful and profound experiences and ideas to try in a lucid dream, along with explanations of how to do them, what to expect and why it matters.
If you want to get massive dream inspiration, then this is the lucid dreaming book for you.

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