Lawrence Block

The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep

A “rousing, often comic” series debut featuring a globe-trotting spy with nothing to lose—even sleep—from the New York Times–bestselling author (Library Journal).
Evan Michael Tanner hasn’t slept in more than a decade—not since a small piece of battlefield shrapnel invaded his skull and obliterated his brain’s sleep center. Still, he’s managed to find numerous inventive ways to occupy his waking hours.
Tanner is a card-carrying member of hundreds of international organizations, from the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Order to the Flat Earth Society—not because he believes in their myriad lost causes, he’s simply a joiner by nature. Besides, it gives him something to do.
The Russians think Tanner is a CIA operative on a covert mission. The CIA is certain he’s a Soviet agent. Actually, he’s in Turkey pursuing a fortune in hidden Armenian gold. But Tanner’s up for anything, including a little spycraft, if it helps him reach his big payday. And if need be, he’ll even start a small revolution . . .
Praise for Lawrence Block
“Block is one of the best!” —The Washington Post
“Block is a deft surgeon, sure and precise.” —The New York Times
“Block generates nonstop suspense.” —Publishers Weekly
“One of our best authors.” —San Diego Union-Tribune
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