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Garry Hunter

Street Art

This book is an exciting introduction to the world of street art featuring major street art practitioners including Banksy, Eine, Blek le Rat, Os Gemeos and Evol. A colourful combination of eye-catching imagery and well-informed commentary, it is a thought-provoking presentation to this hotly topical subject. Street art is cutting edge creative phenomenon that is growing in popularity as people recognize artworks as valuable assets rather than mere graffiti. Divided into sections looking at the main techniques used by street artists: Stencil, Paint and Poster, there is also a section on 3D and Miniature street art. With a detailed introduction on the development of street art and an epilogue looking at what the future holds, this is a vibrant, colourful book at a competitive price. Garry Hunter is a professional photographer and independent curator. Based in London, he is the founder and Creative Director of the Fitzrovia Noir community arts initiative, a group that specialises in installations in non-gallery spaces and urban sites undergoing major transition.
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  • Юлия Селивановаhas quoted4 years ago
    rat as the only truly free animal in the city
  • Анастасия Кузнецоваhas quoted7 years ago
    The lines that once defined the two genres of street art and graffiti are now quite literally blurred, and practitioners can range from independent, clandestine artists to participants in community initiatives and savvy property developers. The cyclical game played by street artists and ad-men is an infinite loop

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