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Lauren Smith

Never Tempt a Scot

Scottish rogue Brodie Kincade has never met a woman he couldn’t seduce, but he’s about to meet his match in sweet-tempered but often overlooked Lydia Hunt, a young Englishwoman he mistakes for her scheming sister who hopes to snatch him up for a husband.

Quiet, sweet-tempered Lydia Hunt knows she’s not her father’s favorite daughter. That honor belongs to her prettier younger sister, Portia, who has a talent for getting into trouble. When Lydia discovers that her father and sister have had a very angry Scottish rogue kidnapped in order to convince him to marry Portia, Lydia knows she must help the man escape. Yet she never imagined that the devastatingly handsome Scotsman would mistake her for Portia and abduct her as revenge and flee to Scotland.

Brodie Kincade is a heartbreaker who has vowed never to marry after a traumatic childhood that left him afraid of becoming like his father. When he’s kidnapped by a pretty young Englishwoman with marriage on her mind, he turns the tables on his captor and absconds with her to Scotland, planning to ruin her reputation as revenge. But the beautiful, thoughtful, and irresistible lass he finds in his company seems very different from the brassy girl who kidnapped him. Soon, he’s risking his heart as he begins to wonder if he’s kidnapped the wrong woman . . .
326 printed pages
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Lauren Smith
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