Silveer Niehaus


What happens behind closed doors shall not be seen by the public eye. Stefan, a boy who suffers from decidophobia, fell victim to the system of a mental hospital and finds his life at risk. Alongside his friends, Claire and Luuk, he breaks free from the chains of enclosure and goes on an escape across Germany with the aim of getting home. On their way, the trio encounters numerous challenges that put their psyche to the test. They either have to face their fear or receive a one-way ticket back to where they cam from.

The reader gets to experience the everyday world through the eyes of a mentally ill person which shed a light on how differently people can perceive the world around them.
The characters are written with character traits that are understandable and easy to relate to but allow for a deep insight into their characteristics and thought processes.

This novel is written in a way that people who usually don't read book can enjoy but it does not fall short on little details and connections that only experienced readers might catch on their second read.
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